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HACC Scheme

This is a short account of what you need to know when applying for the HACC Scheme, also known as the Commonwealth Health Support Programme. This program is funded by the Commonwealth and usually administered by Local Councils and Churches. You can better understand the difference between this scheme and others by reading this post

As always, The Government puts in place strict guidelines as to the accreditation of Providers to the administration of these funds. In the first instance, the organisation needs to be an incorporated body. This effectively squeezes out all small for-profit businesses. The non-profit organisation who administers the funds may use sub-contractors, under another set of guidelines, or choose to run the services themselves through their own employment team.

For example, in the Gin Gin area (50kms from Bundaberg) the Bundaberg Regional Council administers funding received through HACC. A team (Kolan Community Care) divides the money up into vouchers worth $25 each. A recipient receives 12 of these vouchers each year (tax year) with a list of contractors that they may choose from, whether it is yard maintenance or handyman jobs. These vouchers are not meant to be used as full payment. There is a restriction of one voucher per job unless you live out of town. The Council has already vetted these contractors on their list, satisfied that they have the necessary requirements, such as PL insurance, work cover, appropriate certificates and police check. This is why you can't insist on your nephew doing the job!

On the other hand, Centrecare has changed the way they administer their HACC funds. For many years we contracted our work to them harmoniously. One day we received a letter in the mail informing us that our services were no longer required because they now have their own equipment and a team to supply the services themselves. Your choice of a workman is taken from you. Too bad if you are unhappy with the work!

As I write, we have been invited by Anglicare to join their team of sub-contractors.

If you are a recipient of HACC, and in your 80's - may I suggest being assessed for the home care packages - your money will go with you as you move through the stages of elderly care, and your choices will be greater. The HACC scheme is due to end in 2020 anyway.

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