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Teddies Garden Services

Health & Safety Management Plan - Teddies Garden Services

Teddies Garden Services, formed in 2005, is committed to a safe and healthy workplace. A commitment to health and safety creates a better work environment, prevents injuries, improves productivity and enhances customer service. TGS (Teddies Garden Services) will comply with State and Commonwealth legislation and will take all reasonable measures to prevent injury resulting from workplace accidents and associated disruption to health.

We will achieve this by adhering to the following:

1. All staff is trained in the safe operation of equipment.
2. Require Staff, Contractors and Visitors to comply with the relevant legislation.
3. Report, record and respond to any accidents/incidents in the diary. Follow up as necessary.
4. Conduct, monitor and review workplace risk assessments on the job.
5. Follow procedures for monitoring workplace Look to see if anyone else is in or around the work area, keep your hands and feet away from moving parts and discharge openings.
6. Eliminate hazards or minimize their impact eg Don’t carry passengers, only work in daylight. Don’t drive too close to creeks, ditches, or embankments. Disengage the mower blade when crossing pavement, walks, or gravel lanes.
7. Develop specific procedures for working safely eg safe lifting technique, use extreme care when approaching blind corners, trees, or other visual obstacles. Stop the motor if anyone enters the area.
8. Use protective devices, equipment, and clothing. (PPE) ie steel-toe footwear, hearing protection, and safety eyewear.
9. Keep the workplace health and safety programs up to date.
10. Stay aware of the hazards in your workplace and how to handle them. For example, check the worksite, remove debris, look for holes, and check slopes and ground quality.
11. Respond promptly to all health and safety concerns eg Prolonged noise exposure.
12. The ability to work safely is not impaired, for example, by drugs, alcohol, or lack of sleep
13. There is a strictly no smoking policy within 50 metres of any equipment.
14. Keep all equipment in good operating order. eg blades are sharp, nuts and bolts are tight, safety guards are in place, the brakes are working, and operator-present controls are working correctly.
15. Keep a first aid kit onsite and make every worker aware of where it is located. For urgent medical care, call 000.
16. Store pesticides in a properly ventilated, locked area. Post warning signs. Check that the MSDS is up to date. (It must be updated every three years.)
17. A fire extinguisher is kept
18. Provide Material safety data sheets eg How to handle, use, store, and dispose of hazardous materials safely, including clean-up of spills

Teddies Garden Services

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Fully Insured. Police Checked. 

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